February 8th, 2006


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Today I decided that the best place to daydream is a castle. I have been remarkably lucky during my travels to come to castles pretty much empty, not bursting with tourists, so I could sit quietly in a half-lit room and try to get a feel of the people who used to live there hundreds of years ago. Another perfect meditation spot (albeight for a different kind of meditation) is an old church. Echoes of the prayers said there over centuries remain, and the athmosphere is very different from a modern church.

That part of the post was inspired by me going through my travel albums. In other developments, the transplantation section is going to be hard, and we are being overloaded with Drug Lit assignments. A 12-page monograph and a 25 page group project paper and presentation... and two to three 20-page articles for each class. That's a bit too much for a minor class. I can understand such load in therapeutics, which is the heavyweight class in the program (and with actually having to work off REAL patients rather than casebook this time around we certainly don't lack for something to do), but in a mere 3 hours a week class...