February 14th, 2006



I am very, very proud of my country and its athletes at the moment. I wish I had something with Russia's flag on it to scream to the world that I am a Russian. Sometimes, attitude alone just doesn't quite make it obviuos. :D

Current haul: 4 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze. Heroes:
- Svetlana Ishmouratova, biathlon, gold (she was born not far from where I was born, about 1,5 hours to the south of my hometown)
- Svetlana Zhurova, speedskating, gold (she is the oldest one to win gold in this distance, and she is beautiful, too)
- Evgeniy Dementiev, cross country skiing, gold (perhaps, Russian men's skiing woes are starting to go away?)
- Tatiana Totmianina and Maksim Marinin, pairs figure skating, gold (such a pity that was their last ever skating as amateurs, and they are leaving to be professionals now... I feel that Russia's undisputed reign in pairs skating is coming to an end, we have no one to replace them).
- Albert Demchenko, luge, silver (and it's worth a gold, too! besides, he was born just a couple hours away from my hometown and is very nice looking, too)
- Dmitriy Dorofeev, speedskating, silver (also worth a gold, it's not for nothing he was our flag-bearer!)
- Olga Pyleva, biathlon, silver
- Ivan Alypov and Vasily Rochev, cross country skiing, bronze (Alypov is from my hometown!)
- Evgenia Medvedeva, cross-country skiing, bronze

Just how am I supposed to be studying while this is going on?

Today I had to see a pediatric ICU patient, 11-year old with a kidney transplant. At least, I got a pretty healthy kid who is going home today, and not some very, very sick two-months-old like some girls. I need to work up the case, and I will, but not before I watch the cross-country team sprint tape. Biathlon tape and some of the overview of the day I missed because of the Italian will have to wait for tomorrow, as it's already midnight, and I have a big case to type up. And get some sleep, as I haven't been sleeping much the last two days, being too pumped up by the Olympics.

Final note of the day: dear anonymous Valentine writer, thank you for raising my self-esteem, but I would greatly appreciate being able to put a face to a name, thank you. Anonymous things creep me out.
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