February 17th, 2006


Random thoughts

Why is it that I can sleep 4 hours one night and be alert in the morning and bouncing off the wals in the evening, and another night sleep for over 8 hours and feel like I have died a month before? I got up early today to make it for the end of the silent auction. I bid on Dr. Marky's dinner. It's great food and great company - a lot of my friends bit successfully too. Besides, his wife is so nice - if I am ever half the lady she is, I will be proud of myself. And he invited me last year, so it would be very ungrateful of me not to bid this time, and ungrateful is one thing I would really, really hate to be considered.

The weather has become really cold, and I got out my Russian boots, fur-lined, nice and warm to the envy of the locals. I keep telling people that long woolen skirt and tall boots keep warmth better than pants and ankle boots but they don't believe me. Come on, I have more experience handling extreme temperatures... The only drawback was the boots have heels, and so at one of the counters I couldn't type, because it was way too low, I was bent almost in half. Walgreen's doesn't accomodate tall people very well. Not that it accomodates short people well...

So many other random things to ramble about, from friends to Diamonds and Decadence to Olympics to bluffing but I am just too tired and my thoughts are too incoherent.