February 19th, 2006


Shoes & a meme

This weekend I finally sorted out my shoes, and here is the final tally:
- five pairs of winter boots
- twenty pairs of shoes (12 of them nice pumps/sandals with heels, the rest are clogs)
- one pair of sneakers

Ended up throwing away two pairs of boots (one with broken heel, one with broket zipper), gave one pair of flat-soled shoes to my mom (after her surgery she can't wear heels, and these shoes are soft and comfortable but I never liked them anyways) and two pairs of sandals to charity (one pair gave me multiple bleeding blisters when I tried to wear them).

I thought I had more shoes. I guess, that means hitting the sales. :D

Also, I am now a proud owner of a HP iPAQ rx1950 PDA. Still playing with it and have to load all my pharmacy stuff onto it, but hopefully it will work well for me for a long time.

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