March 9th, 2006


(no subject)

I just learned I have been placed in Munich between June 15th and July 30th (though I have to be back in US by July 20th since my Indianapolis rotation starts on the 31st and I need to prepare for it - it's one very important for my career). So, travel opportunities, here I come. Since it is in the southern Germany, most likely I won't be making northern countries such as Sweden and Finland (leaving them for future trips to Europe). Looks like Austria and northern Italy to me. Maybe Switzerland on the way. So, I need to start planning itinerary and review German. I have forgotten so much, I feel like I can't say anything beyond the simplest things like "Ich heiße Anna" or "Ich möchte __, bitte".

I will probably have to travel before settling down in Munich, though I would hope I have a chance to drop off my luggage there, since I don't want to be running around Europe with two suitcases and staying in hostels with a laptop.

Need to finalize the bilateral agreement too. And no one cancelled schoolwork... I have a paper, a presentation, a couple exams and a ton of reading to do in the next month and a half (I can't believe I have merely 28 school days left (which expands to 52 total days until the start of rotations). I will be done with exams and pointless unrealistic exercises and cases and papers forever!