March 11th, 2006


It feels so nice to be on vacation

I am officially on the Spring Break. The first day of a vacation always makes me feel like a cat in the sun - lazy, relaxed and happy. It's such a blessing to be able to sleep as long as one wants, I can't even express it in words, only by grinning like crazy. Speaking of craziness, yesterday's lecture on dementias was so good it made me regret not choosing a psychiatry rotation. On the other hand, I wouldn't probably want to be in the same room as a lot of the psychiatric patients without a bulletproof glass between us...

I started reviewing my German - my grammar is atrocious and I have successfully forgotten 90% of the words I used to know. I will need to write a letter to my host pharmacist sometime tomorrow or Monday... And then I need to start planning the travel (I need to buy travel guides for Austria and Italy, I have one for Germany from the last time)... Airline tickets have gone up significantly in the last three years too... And since I prefer direct non-stop flight from Chicago to Munich, I am looking at paying about $1700... unless the travel agent a friend uses will be able to find a better option (I doubt it, but I believe in exhausting all options first). I would also prefer to have more layover time in Chicago than 1 hour I had last time - and I was racing through passport control and had to carry my luggage to a different terminal... I wasn't amused. Somehow, half the time I find myself running through airport as fast as I possibly can all the while praying to make it before take-off.