March 13th, 2006


(no subject)

There were tornadoes around this weekend... I am glad I listened to the weather forecast and didn't go to Kansas City. I would have been right where the storms have been... I called a friend to make sure her parents were OK - they live in that part of Missouri, she said the storms didn't affect their town.

I am getting terribly disappointed with my German skills. Mein Akzent is schrecklich, meine Struktur ist schrecklicher, und meine Wortschatz ist die schrecklichste. Two and a half months is a plenty of time, but I noticed that my head is physically not capable of keeping more than three languages active. As soon as I started reviewing German I started to feel Italian disappearing. I can't give up Russian, I have to keep using English, I am still responsible for learning and taking exams in Italian, and I need to review German. Can I have another brain, please?

Random note of the day: Perrier lime + apple juice = taste of heaven.