March 15th, 2006


Travel notes

I have a feeling a lot of my posts will be related to travel from now on... The ones that aren't rants about school-related matters.

- e-mail I tried to send to my host family in Germany bounced all four times I tried. I will try again later. Don't you hate electronics sometimes?

- of course, the mythical creature (Russian-Italian dictionary in Nebraska can rightly be considered as such, but I had eyewitness reports of its sighting in one bookstore a few years back) was not to be found, though I bought two guide books - one for Austria, one for Italy. So far, the list of places I might potentially visit is as follows: Munich & around Southern Germany, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Venice, Rome and Florence plus potentially Dresden, Prague and Budapest. To be modified as follows...

- it's just starting to sink in how expensive this travelling is going to be. On one hand, I managed to stay under budget last time I was in Europe, on the other hand, prices went up for airfare significantly, and also while I didn't mind sleeping in a 12-bed coed dorm rooms in Vienna, I don't think I would feel quite as safe in the same arrangement in Rome, so I am getting ready to fork over more money for accomodation as well. Food... I guess two meals a day will be it. Plus some snacking. Hopefully it will be hot - I am not nearly as hungry when it's hot. I know I have been taking out a lot of loans, but I have a long year ahead of me, and a lot of travelling and food-related expenses, so I can't blow it all on Europe.
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