March 16th, 2006


(no subject)

The break is almost over (as I have to work Friday and Saturday), and I haven't done ANYTHING. I think I am starting to feel guilty about it, but I still don't feel like doing anything useful. Maybe it would help if I actually liked what I have to do... it's hard to concentrate on something mind-numbingly boring.

The travel agent lady said she will get back to me today. If her quotes are any better than the ones I found, I will go with it. Otherwise I will book on my own. My goal is to have tickets in hand before the end of this week. It probably will be cheaper as some last minute deals pop up, but I might risk uncomfortable itineraries or not being able to find a seat. I think I would rather pay for my peace of mind. I wish I were already a pharmacist and making $80,000+, then I wouldn't worry about silly things like cheaper tickets. Dreams, dreams. Not for another year (or two or three if I go into a residency or a fellowship).

Also, I am in doubt whether I should write one person... there was an interview published in a local paper with a Pfizer district manager who has worked for them abroad, and I was thinking about writing him and asking about the roles of pharmacists in US companies' foreign offices. And just for "networking opportunities" as our dean puts it. I hate being in doubt.