March 19th, 2006


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37 days left until I am done with being a full-time student and thus with lectures, classrooms, pointless assignments of the busywork kind and exams. Of these 37, 23 will be school days and 4 will be exam days. April 25th is the magic date. I have four exams, one major paper, one major presentation and likely several case studies/quizzes/presentaitons between me and that time (I am not including Italian assignments, as this is something I enjoy and learn out of my own desire).

There is only one thing I wish for - strength to get through these last few weeks, so I don't go crazy nor completely give up on assignments and studying...

I went to Madama Butterfly today. A local Japanese artist has designed the set, in a more modern and abstract style than is usual for opera, but it worked very well with the music and the themes. It was also the first time that the theater was almost full, inspite of really nasty weather. It has been snowing all day, and it will be snowing all day tomorrow. Today snow was melting as it hit the road (though there are several inches on the grass), but I am afraid it will freeze during the night and icy conditions will make the roads dangerous.

Airline tickets I can hopefully order tomorrow. Agent called me on Friday when I had already left for work... Then I will need to plan everything. I normally enjoy planning as much as I enjoy actually going somewhere, but I am afraid I will be too busy to fully enjoy the process.

Maybe it's all just the pre-Back to School blues, aggravated by the fact that it is the LAST Back-to-School?