March 28th, 2006


(no subject)

I managed to outsmart myself today again.  Instead of determining relative risk reduction as simply (1 - relative risk) I for some reason divided that difference by relative risk.  Here goes 15% of my quiz grade.

On the good side, less than a month of school left.  The chocolate heaven effect induced by yesterday's candy still lingers.  And also, I found a castle  which might be worth changing my travel plans for - this medieval dinner & tour is something my castle-obsessed mind can't miss.  I have unhealthy obsession with castles.  I sent them an e-mail requesting more info.  So it might be something more like Munich-Innsbruck-Trent/Bolzano-Salzburg-Vienna-(Budapest)-Prague-Dresden (castle Königstein in particular, as it is one of the few I didn't get to visit last time)-Munich.  I would like to go to Budapest, but I don't know a word of Hungarian, and it's so different from any language I know - even signs on the street would be incomprehensible to me (I don't speak Czech, but I understand a lot of written things so I am not worried about it).  My father says that between German, English and Russian I should be OK there, but I am thinking about it.  We will see...

This week I am not going to get much sleep - today it was 10 am seminar, tomorrow it's 10:30 lecture, Wednesday - 9 am lab, Thursday - 10 am lecture and Friday 9:45 dental appointment.  I usually have two days a week when I can sleep in because classes don't start until 1 pm, but not this week...  And I work on Saturday, too, so it leaves me only Sunday to catch up on sleep.