March 30th, 2006


(no subject)

I am starting to feel that half my e-mails are either not going through or the replies aren't getting through to me after whatever our IT department did to the servers - last week I simply was getting bounced messages for almost everything. They say they fixed what might have been the cause of it, I am not getting bounced messages anymore, but I am not getting replies either.

Also, I am tired of school. While Psychiatry is rather fun and interesting, busywork of the DI research paper is draining my energy. Even Italian stopped being enjoyable - I still like the language, but not the class - this Creation of Art component has me grating my teeth. The difference between undergrad and professional school is not so much the time it takes to study, but the energy it drains out of you. I don't have creativity to do anything like Art. When I have a free moment, I want to sit and stare in the distance, when it's quiet and no one demands anything. I won't be nice on my evaluation of this component this semester.