April 7th, 2006


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Random note of the day: I never liked rain, but I always liked the way sky looks after rain - like a watercolor painting of shades of gray tinted with blue.

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Somehow I managed to get over 90% on my Neurology exam... I always liked neurology, but I was so tired that day, I am surprised my brain managed that effort. Now I have two weeks of school left... In three short weeks I will be a P-4, on rotations, working 8-hour days, just like a real job (sans pay).

More randomness:
I had another dream that was weird even for me. I was moving turtles from an apartment (presumably mine, and it looked like apartment with ancient plumbing from a dream a couple weeks ago - and it was due to repairs being done) to an outside enclosure. I have no idea why turtles, when I have only handled a turtle once in my previous life, and I have no idea whether them pulling their legs in was biologically feasible the way I dreamed it. For some reason, they would all pull inside their shells when I would touch them, and I would put them in a bucket vertically (I wouldn't treat a living thing this way in real life!). THen inside that enclosure there was a rodent that in the dream I thought of as a squirrel but it was really more like a dormouse. I wanted to get it out (the enclosure was covered with metal netting), and cut a couple links and when I put my hand inside, the little animal just jumped right into my hand. I got it out, stroked it a couple times and let it run. It made a run around the fence, and then ended up sitting on the fence right next to me. I don't remember anything else (but I remember there was more going on in the dream), but that was rather weird.

Aren't dormice adorable?