April 18th, 2006


Last days of school

I started becoming paranoid and neurotic because of the big term paper. At least it will be all over on Thursday when I turn it in and do my presentation. The only good thing coming from my paranoia was the question that I asked professor to clarify where certain parts go - in the results or the discussion. It's discussion, so now I have to rearrange half the paper. And add all the numeric data (another full page because of it, probably).

This and the final exam are my two big headaches. Dr. Marky's dinner party is Saturday before the final, so I guess I should start studying now, but I have to review for dermatology practical and finish the paper and prepare the presentation first. I guess I will start studying Thursday. I will have good 6 or so hours... then Friday I can't study because I work after school, so my only option is to get up earlier than I would like on Saturday. And not stay at Marky's too late (last year we didn't leave until 1 am), so I would be able to study on Sunday.

That's all for today, I am now off to rearrange the paper and curse professors who can't give clear instructions. Either give me the way, or give me the result and let me find the way. DO NOT give me vague descriptions of both, leaving me in limbo.