April 23rd, 2006


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I absolutely cannot concentrate on studying. Yesterday I tried to read outside, but it was a nice sunny summer-like day and I kept falling asleep there. Today I got up early (9:30) and I still can't put my thoughts together. It's pathetic, but yesterday I everyone I talked to at Dr. Marky's dinner party had the same problem - it's so hard to concentrate for the last exam ever... I keep reminding myself that there is grand total of 1 (one) postgraduate position I really want, and there are 8,500 Pharm.D. graduating with me, so I am in for some real competition (though at most couple hundred would want the same position I will be applying for). And that it would be pathetic to get the first semester C of my college career in my very last semester.

I think I will finish reading Oncology and review Dermatology since they are the biggest sections, and transplants since I don't remember much of it. Neurology and psychiatry I will only read what I have time to read. And I am not going to stay up half the night tonight, since I am going to optometrist tomorrow, and I want to be able to see at least something.

And for any Russian/Eastern Orthodox on my friend list, Happy Easter! Христос Воскресе!
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