April 25th, 2006


(no subject)

OK, I am now officially a P-4. Since to pass the class I just needed to show up and turn in empty exam booklet with my name on it. Though of course I did all 25 pages and I am hoping I will get B+ in that class.

Then I had the eye exam. I am always afraid to go to optometrist, the way other people are afraid of going to the dentist, because I am afraid that my vision got worse. Thankfully, not this time. I see the same as two years ago. I ordered contact lenses... I don't like them because my eyes dry out, but for some things it's better. My eyes also were dilated, so when I got home (thankfully, it's just a 5-minute drive on almost empty streets where I know every centimeter, so I didn't need to see all that well), ate lunch, and lay down on the sofa with a CD player. By the fifth song, I turned off the CD player and fell asleep. Unsurprising, considering I slept just 3.5 hours tonight. So I slept for another 4.5 hours until I woke up because I was starving. That's Russian students to you - exert superhuman effort and then just sleep and eat to recover, like boa constrictors. :D Once, on a train in Russia, a student returning home from the exam session was asleep for the entire 18 hours I was there. She just woke up once for a half an hour to eat, and then just continued sleeping.

I have contacted my first preceptor today, so I am ready to start at Blue Cross Blue Shield next Monday. Objectives for this week:
- Catch up on sleep
- Get rid of old notes/clean up and organize the desk
- Remember to drive to school to drop off the paper I promised Kristie and the KE historian stuff for Tiffany, so I have completely turned over my former offices to the newly appointed/elected people.

Also, I am getting my hair cut on Thursday. Somehow, I have followed the most common Russian pattern, never intending to do so. Cut hair short by the 9th grade - grow hair long by college - cut hair again at the end of college. Weird, huh? Though I don't want short cut, just something that would looks nice.