April 26th, 2006


Grades, Food and other ramblings

I got A- in Therapeutics! *bounces off the walls* I got A- on the final, even though I didn't even review Neurology nor Psychology (unless you count me looking at the summary pages 25 minutes before the exam). I must be smart. :D And this time, it's a full, honest A- at 91.1% rather than "ooh, it's just a tenth of one percent, will I make it?" thrillers of the last two semesters.

Nothing like small successes to make me feel good...

Also, yesterday after class I went to an Italian restaurant with my classmates and professor (we are a small class, just 6 of us). A Sicilian family holds it, though the father worked as a cook in Rome for some 15 years. The food was good, especially the chicken backed in lemon juice and wine. I always liked sour foods. Probably more so than any other type. I never liked salty, and I am not a big fan of sweet, except for bitter chocolates. The desserts were very good too. We each got a different one and then just split it six ways.