April 30th, 2006


Contemplating work and other plans

My week off is virtually over. Not like I really had a day off except Sunday, though...

Tomorrow I start my first rotation at an insurance company. I am excited and a little scared. Need to figure out what to wear and put on fresh nail polish. Nothing is trashier than chipped nail polish. And I need to wake up early enough to style my hair properly. Won't have another chance to make a good first impression (even though Dr. Handke might remember me from the time he lectured, as a sleepy-eyed girl with ponytail), and I might yet need a letter of recommendation from them.

I think I would rather wear a skirt and one of the long-sleeved silk shirts. Skirt and heels always make me feel more confident and comfortable than pants... maybe because that's the way I grew up, that's the way Russian women normally dress. It's a shame that I can't dress that way at Walgreen's because it's quite a dusty job, and involves bending a lot, lifting and carrying heavy boxes, and standing on one's feet for hours without breaks.

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