May 12th, 2006


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I am livid with anger. I come home from a 13-hour workday to find my university billing statement (mailed a week later than promised). Fucked-up university people managed to loose waiver I HAND-DELIVERED to the office and now try to add $500 student insurance fee onto my bill. I have insurance about 100 times better than theirs, and they are trying to give me that crap? Loosers. I have already left an angry voice mail and sent a very caustic e-mail. If necessary, I will complain to everyone from the office' head to my Dean to the Chancellor to the Student Senate to the Board of Regents, I have always had a way to get my case before the most important people. I have no intention of paying this charge, and I really, really want to see some blood. When people get me this angry, they should pay. I couldn't eat because I was so angry, and I am hoping that as I type this, I will let off enough steam to be able to sleep. I have another early morning and looong day of work tomorrow. The worst thing is, the person responsible is off next week. Will someone step up to the issue or am I stuck in limbo for another week? Sometimes I feel outright murderous.
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