May 14th, 2006


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For me, anger, especially if I cannot immediately act upon it, always gives way to empty feeling. So I have been rather sour the whole week-end. On Saturday I was so distraught, I forgot to mix the medication at work, so customer had to come back. At least 6 hours of fast-paced work picked me up so Saturday evening was not lost. Today I also managed to drag myself out of the house since it's Mother's day. We went to a wildlife reserve but missed an exit and at the next exit we noticed the sign that there is a World War II museum there. Of course, being curious as we are, we went in. An elderly family holds it, he served in the Pacific in WWII and his collection started with a Japanese flag and helmet from a pilot shot down over their base, and expanded to thousands of items today. I had a picture taken with a helmet and a rifle of that time. Those things are much heavier than I expected. I knew that rifles are supposed to be heavy, but helmets - I though they would be light.
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