June 4th, 2006


Big Red Monsters come out en masse

Once again I managed to overpack. Two suitcases about 25 pounds each (one I can leave in Munich, but the other one I will have to drag with me all over, and I think the train connections are going to kill me). Plus my handbag plus the carry-on bag (not heavy).

Each item by itself weighs so little, yet together I can hardly lift them. It's good I can roll them... but still I will probably have some good muscles by the end of my travels.

Some things I will discard at the end of my stay and not take them back, so my luggage on the way back should be lighter. The weather seems not to be as nice this time as it was last time I went to Europe, but that has upside (I will put on my jacket and there will be less to carry in my hands) and downside (with my luggage, I won't be able to carry an umbrella). That's the suckiest thing about travelling alone - no one can help you with the luggage. I can always ask the people around me, I had to, a couple times, when I couldn't lift my suitcase into the train, for example.

At least, when I go to Indianapolis I can pack as much as I want, since my car is roomy, AND I won't have to carry it around.

This is my last post from home for the next 7 weeks. I shall be back July 21st. I might be or might not be able to post in-between. Best wishes to all of you, and please remember me in your prayers/wish me good luck or whatever you feel like. :)
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