June 19th, 2006


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I am not dead yet, though I have a feeling my feet would prefer I were. My feet HURT.

Vienna was as great as it was the last time, and Tar, Rian and lizz were very sweet and showed me the sites I wouldn´t have thought of visiting.

Prague - my first impression was rather negative, that it was dirty (it has been a long time since I have seen this much graffitti!) and Vaclavske Namesti was very crowded and nasty. However, once I got away from crowds, I loved the city. So many medieval buildings everywhere I go... Though I found the castles´ expositions somewhat lacking, the churches compensated nicely. Very many beautiful churches, and the climb to the top of St. Vit nearly killed me. I was very dizzy by the end. Other positives are low prices and excellent Czech beer. And Czech language. I can´t speak it, but I started understanding it reasonably well by the end of the third day - the numbers are almost the same, and a lot of other words I can figure out too. I bought a little Russian-Czech dictionary, it´s so adorable. :)

Still, of all the countries I have visited, Austria remains the one where I felt the most at home and where I would like to live if I have a chance to live in the Old World once again. Though I think as a vacation spot Italy would be my first choice. I don´t think I have ever had same level of service even at US restaurants.

The only low moment of my travels is the hot weather. I feel constantly drenched in sweat. I really must have packed the hot Omaha sun into my suitcase. I wouldn´t mind a cooler weather, especially with all the uphill climbing I am having to do. Though I am getting stronger and more endurant. I can now easily lift my suitcase into the overhead bin, which I couldn´t do even with two attempts in the first day of my travel.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Dresden, and probably the next time I get a chance to be online, I will be already settled in Munich. See you then!