June 22nd, 2006


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A quick update from Dresden. In answer to my disparaging words about Prague (and also because, by the universal law of irony, I've said that I enjoyed good weather) I got drenched on my last evening in Prague. I had to walk/run about 1 km from the tram station to the hotel through the park in the thunderstorm, cold win and hail beating on my bag. No umbrella, but it wouldn't help anyway. I was drenched, and I was wearing a long skirt and a white lace top, of all things. Not fun. Also all the contents of my bag were drenched (note to self: never travel with a jean bag again, opt for water-resistant leather!), and my passport now has a yellow border on one side. Though I had it stamped on two borders since then and no one asked. It was funny to see the face of a Czech border patrol officer when he saw me put Russian-Czech dictionary on my knee and give him my American passport. He checked my face against my photo at least three times. :) I spent a few hours reading that dictionary - it's so much fun! Some words are the same, and some sound the same but mean very different things. :) On the negative side, that cold bath I got in Prague lead to the cold that now tries to dampen my joy of being in Dresden. Still, I am having full schedule of sightseeing. And I got to see Götterdammerung in the Semperoper yesterday. :) It's such an irony - that the only time I get to see an opera in a very nice opera house and it's a good opera, and I have nothing to wear, nothing to put on in terms of make-up and ABSOLUTELY NO HEELS or halfway-decent looking shoes because my nice dress, nice velvet skirt, and three pairs of heels are in Munich. I borrowed my hostess' eyeshadow, though, and learned that I don't like putting dark blue eyeshadow on my lower lid.