July 3rd, 2006


(no subject)

I went to Nürnberg this Sunday, and it seemed like the whole world was against me. My train came 30 minutes late (and when you only have 5 hours to explore a city, since I went not with the swift ICE but with lowly RE that drags on for 3 hours, 30 minutes mean a lot). I decided not to go to the castle proper at Kaiserburg because I also wanted to see the building where Nazi criminals were tried after the war and the rally square. But I didn't get to see them because the directions on the poster were wrong and by the time I realized where I should have been, I ran out of time. However, true to my principle of enjoying whatever life throws at me, I decided not to let that spoil my day. After all, trains were air conditioned, castle beautiful on the outside, Nürnberger sausages tasty, etc. Overall, I will call it a success.

Today I went to the university to see what German pharmacy program is like. It's very different from ours. I am purely a clinician, and German pharmacists are more chemists and scientists than clinical specialists. I wish we had some of the labs they have, and also the homeopathy/herbals lectures, but overall I think I prefer our program. It's more interesting. I don't think I would have enjoyed pharmacy school in Germany (not that I liked American one all that much).

On the final note, it's very hard to find good cherries in Munich. By far not every store has them, they are outrageously expensive, and not very ripe. And my mom just told me yesterday that they are eating a 5 kg box of excellent cherries! I am going to go cherry-hunting today. I want cherries, and I will buy them, even if they do cost 9 euro a kilo.

Oh, and tomorrow I am going to be for Italy. I like German team too, but Italian I like better (it's not just a team, it's pure eye candy). And for that I have already been warned that places on the sofa are in short supply for Italy fans. :D That's OK, as there are plenty of blankets, but is it morally wrong to cheer Italy to win while enjoying Bavarian beer? Or should I buy a bottle of Italian wine for that purpose?