July 9th, 2006


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On Friday I went to Linderhof and Neuschwanstein with a bus tour. While I am not normally a fan of bus tours and tourist groups, I thought it would be a good idea because going with the trains on my own I wouldn't make it. Tours are pitifully too short to properly appreciate the castles, but they are very beautiful. Linderhof park, that we didn't get to see at all because of the time limits and the weather, deserves a full day in and of itself. That's in the plans for my next visit to Europe. I was the only one from the bus to choose to walk all the way to Marienbrücke and Neuschwanstein, and it was an easy walk and less than 45 minutes they said it would be. I was a bit disappointed with the walk - too civilized, with all the benches and railings, and too full of tourists. I would have preferred a walk in a wild forest, for more medieval atmosphere experience.

Got to help a couple patients almost on my own yesterday. I am learning! :) I wish I could live for a year or two in a German-speaking country, then I would be completely fluent in German...

Today I will be cheering for Italy to win the WM. Then the whole Italy will be celebrating when I will be there next week, and it will be fun. :) I am leaving on Tuesday, and then on Friday I am going to Stuttgart for the weekend, so I shall be back in Munich late Sunday afternoon/early evening.