July 15th, 2006


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So, I was in Südtirol for a few days. Short summary:

a) Mountains are still beautiful, and I still don't get to live anywhere close.
b) There are so many castles in Südtirol I never knew existed (though I didn't know about Südtirol's existance until three years ago when Wolfie told me). It definitely deserves a longer visit.
c) I got to see a play, half of it in dialekt. I cannot understand dialekt, but I can understand the locals when they speak Hochdeutsch. I am amazed - I spoke nothing but German for three days, and I managed to discuss buziness, education, life and just about everything. I have improved greatly in the last few weeks. Such a pity that without practice I will forget it all again...
d) I went to the mountains, alone, without a map, on a rainy day (though I was smart enough to bring a rain poncho). I rather enjoyed it, actually, a walk of about 1h10' up to the old church and then about 45' back. And it was quiet there and not at all touristy.
e) Then I got off the mountain and went to the hot and humid city of Meran(o). Though to me it looked more like a garden than a city, very beautiful. Also, I got to see Südtirol Classic Car show. Didn't stay there long, since I have spotted a tower on a hill I wanted to get to, but still, interesting.
f) While I loved Austria the most of all the countries I have visited, Italy is becoming a strong second.
g) Going to Stuttgart yesterday, I had no luck. I am glad I am flying home next Friday and not yesterday. First, buses went only every 30 min rather than 15 as I have been told, so I spent 25 minutes waiting in the heat of the morning from 9:50 am. Then the bus came (5 minutes later than it should have, too), it said it's not going to the station. I was in no mood to waste 30 minutes more waiting for another bus, so after 15 minutes brisk walk in a very hot weather and direct sun I got the station by foot, rolling my suitcase (a small one this time, not one of the Red Monster family). There I waited 20 minutes for the train, but I still got to Bolzano at 11:30, early enough to buy the tickets and make it for the train leaving at 12:31, like a planned. Just that train decided to stop and not go further in Grafing (a suburb of Munich), so we waited for 15 minutes for another train and all had to change, under very strong and cold rain (I heard that somethign happened on the way to Salzburg so that all eastern trains were not going right). THen that train said it's not going to Hauptbahnhof but only to Munich Ost (about 20 min away). Then it finally go there, it said it WILL go to Hbf but then changed it's mind after about 10 minutes waiting and I had to run for the U-Bahn (not trusting the S-Bahn) and buy the time I got to Hbf my train to Stuttgart has left over 30 minutes ago. I hurried to the Service counter, got my ticket stamped and raced to the ICE to Stuttgart setting world record in crossing Munich Hbf. Then I had to stand until Augsburg, as there were no places, and it also was 30 min late, since we had to wait because earth got wasched down or something and trains couldn't proceed. I borrowed one nice lady's phone and called my mother's friends in Stuttgart that I won't be coming with a train I said I will but instead with the one hour later and arriving a lot later. But then finally I arrived.

The travel continues...