July 23rd, 2006


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Well, I am back, if only for one short week. I arrived safe and sound Friday night (though an hour late - I have no luck with American Airlines and I don't think I will fly with them anymore unless they are A LOT cheaper than others). My suitcases had no such luck - the middle one came with its leg broken off so now I will have to throw it away and the big one was missing when I had to clear customs in Chicago and was finally delivered to me late on Saturday night. I gave the gifts and most souvenirs to their intended recipients and have shown my photos and told my story. I have loved every moment of my journey. It was absolutely wonderful. Now I have a lot of catching up to do on all the Very Important Things I have forgot, I have to sort all the mess of paper and souvenirs I have dumped on my floor out of the suitcases, decide which photos to print and print them, etc. (I have 1,074 photos and that's after I have deleted over 300) and so on. Still, I loved Europe and I stayed $900 under my budget. I am very good at staying under budget. Now, Mr. Bush, maybe you should hire me so your inept administration would learn to curb its spending?

I am a little jet-lagged but I try to ignore this fact and try to pretend it never happened so I get back into the rhythm faster. On Saturday I will already have to leave for Indianapolis and I feel like I have forgotten everything I have ever learned.

And to finish, a foto of me taken a couple days before I left for Europe. That's the photo which will go to the class composite that will hang on the College of Pharmacy walls forever and ever. Finally just got to see it yesterday.
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