July 25th, 2006


(no subject)

Sorted all my photos. The final count is about 850. Still, it would cost me $136 to print all of them. My goal is to print only 300 to 400 best ones so I can actually afford it.

I have started catching up on the Very Important Business but I don't want to start my next rotation. I barely had any downtime, with the whirlwind travel and then coming back and having to work through piles of papers and stuff. I WON'T get any downtime until Christmas.

Hopefully I will enjoy Indianapolis and that will be an interesting rotation. I would like to show that I am capable of working in industry so I would get a recommendation, if not a job offer. It's very scary, but October is approaching rapidly, and I will need to be making initial contact and whatnot at that time for the fellowship or residency. Maybe it's just summer weather that's making me lazy and not my normal ambitious goal-oriented self... I must be more of a cat than a human - direct sunlight is making me sleepy instead of waking me up...

There is still so much to do in the few remaining days. I need to shop for new suitcases since the airline broke one of my old ones. I need to drop down by the dealer's tomorrow to take their heads off for lying to me about my car's battery. I need to talk to my EPE coordinator all the way down at the university. I need to make sure my vacation days were being used at Walgreen's so I am not kicked off the system. I need to get a facial because when I travel my skin always becomes worse, due to differences in water and the lack of proper usual care it receives. Need to, need to, need to... and I am so tired of all the need tos.