July 28th, 2006


Getting ready yet again

Packing day yet again. I can pack up a bit later... this time I can fill up my entire car, so there is not that big a problem, but I am a bit anxious. This isn't a "enjoy the civilized part of the world" kind of trip, this is a "work your butt off and try to get a job offer or at least a recommendation out of it" kind of trip. Eli Lilly is a major company and I heard that they are a very nice employer...

On the other hand, setting up the apartment with the company Lilly recommended has been nothing but pain. I have resorted to talking to them like they are dirt under my feet, and that seems to be the only way to get something done, but it makes me feel like I desperately need shower. I am not nearly as arrogant or bitchy as I sometimes seem to be. I seriously feel like I am interrogating a captured enemy, it takes them forever to return calls/e-mails and every little bit of information has to be pulled out of them. Grrrrr.

Tomorrow it's 10 hour drive, and I hate longs drives because my shoulders start aching and I feel like the lower half of my body turns to lead. Then I will have to figure out my way in the city I have never even visited before. The places for which I need to learn the exact location and the best way to get there:
- my apartment
- my workplace
- the closest Walgreen's to my apartment
- the closest supermarket to my apartment
- the cheapest gas station in the area
- the closest Panera (since they have free Wi-Fi and my apartment won't have internet connection)
- what other cheap places to eat exist in the area

Once again I wish I were earning money already. Everything is so much simpler when you can afford the basic necessities and don't have to spend time figuring out all these things...