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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

(no subject)
First of all, thank you to all of you who offered me hugs and well-wishes. Secondly, I am feeling much better now that the work has started, I have something to do and have met some people. I even got the energy to cook dinner yesterday (I hardly ever cook for myself - what's the fun in cooking for one person?) I think I am very lucky with my preceptor, and with my project. My assignment will be to analyze consistency of labeling, which is part language skills, part analysis, and no stupid memorization of information that can easily be looked up. And no drug monographs! Besides, that's an important project, and I will get to present the results to a whole bunch of people. That's just like real life. Maybe they will offer me a position after I graduate, if I do a really good job on this rotation...

Also, wearing my happy shoes helps. I have a pair of bright pink shoes, whenever I wear them my mood improves by at least 50%. :) And everybody seems to love these shoes too - I am amazed that most people don't own pink shoes. I have two pairs of pink pumps (different shade and heel height) and a pair of pink sandals...
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