August 17th, 2006


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Recap of the last few days: busy, busy, busy. Still will be until Monday.

Saturday I got violently sick right after dinner, and spent most of the time between 4 pm and midnight either throwing up or trying to breathe in a way that would let something stay in my stomach for more than 10 minutes. I must say that being very hungry AND very sick is double the "fun" of being very sick. Must have been a variation of the "pharmacist, cure thyself". Must have been fatty, spicy lamb on an empty stomach - but I have never before been so sick, only when my grandmother was dying and the combination of the nerves and bad wellwater (it was raining heavily before that) had me sick for three or four days.

Sunday I went to my little cousin's birthday party. She couldn't remember me, but I don't blame her - she was 3 when we last met, and that was for only an evening. She is growing up to be a nice little girl. Watching a tape of her playing with a friend made me remember how I used to play the same way with my best friend. Made me go all nostalgic. At least, I didn't get sick anymore, otherwise I wouldn't be able to handle 3-hour drive back to Indianapolis.

All the week I have been working hard on my project - I have learned that I might have one of the vice-presidents listen to my presentation. And that it will be used for the presentation to the Legal department. Eek. I know I always wanted to do something important, but I always counted on having a brain to handle it by that time. So I am very nervous and very busy, and my head is about to explode.

And I have to take a look at a couple IPSF things AND I haven't done any ironing this week so I have nothing to wear tomorrow.