August 18th, 2006


(no subject)

Had a meeting with the bosses' boss today. She said my presentation looks good, I just need to make a couple changes. I am starting to feel confident again.. My normal state is confidence on border of arrogance (or over the border) but when I might be getting long-term consequences on my head, I turn into a nervous wreck until I see that everything is going fine.

Today I am going to listen to one of the most Eeevil people in the world, chairman of the association of the pharmaceutical companies. Should be fun... I will have a lunch and then go.

My rotation is almost over, next week I will need to e-mail my preceptor for my next one to learn when and where I should show up... This weekend I will need to practice the presentation and see the city. I think I have grown to like Indy - not love it as I love Ekaterinburg or Vienna, but like it. Maybe go shopping - they have stores here that aren't present in Omaha, and I need nice clothes for rotation. And when I get back I will need to shop for the suit - I don't have a proper interview suit. My pretty brown one is not nearly formal enough. I cannot do it without my mom - I have not nearly the sense of style she has.