August 19th, 2006


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I saw it on my friends' page and couldn't resist:

Haiku2 for hellga
this is a pattern
other than anna it's
a good person
Created by Grahame

Interestingly enough, I always thought of Hellga being a part of my personality somewhat different when the normal me (which is Anna). :D After I pushed the button several times, though, I noticed that the meme often takes a part of the sentence out of the LJ and puts it into a haiku-form. Other times it mixes the sentence a little bit, but it's still the same part of the same entry. That killed off a bit of fascination. That's a typical me - I just have to analyze everything to death.

Tomorrow I am going to go souvenir-shopping. And I need to get my presentation speaking notes together and practice, which my lazy self doesn't really want to do. If only I had one ounce of hard-working to support all my ambitions... And I need to get my thoughts together - I am in doubt, and I don't like being in doubt.