August 22nd, 2006


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I don't feel like working, and thus I am wasting time here online. To be a little productive, list of things I need to do before Monday:

- contact my preceptor for my next rotation (I sent the e-mail already, but follow-up might be necessary)
- check the IPSF group to see if there is something I need to do.
- pack my bags, and try to eat as much of the food as I can. My roommate also left me the rest of HER food, so I have too much. I am stealing an empty box from work so I can maybe put leftover boxes and cans there. I have a small cooler, too...
- figure out what to give my best friend for her birthday - I just realized it's this Saturday. I want to go to the Russian store here in Indy and see if they've got some good Russian candy...
- catch up on sleep. :)
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