October 22nd, 2006


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I am back to civilization for a few months. I loved my Arizona rotation. The people were all so nice to me! One patient even brought me a handmade basket, saying that I am so nice and I shouldn't go home empty-handed. I shall send her a thank you card and some Russian souvenir... Also the coworkers were wonderful, I think I will miss being at that place a little. The area itself was also quite beautiful.

MRM yesterday was extremely exhausting for me - after three days of hardly sleeping, going 4 hours away in the morning and then coming back that same night - so when I got home about 10:30 pm I was stumbling up the stairs and almost fell. Wouldn't it be stupid, breaking my neck in my own home? Still, I am glad I went. I had a great time, met a few great people, got to see the faces of people with whom I only communicated by phone and e-mail. I think I like having a booth at an exhibit and doing presentations for a lot of people. I am like my dad, I just like to talk. :)

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