November 7th, 2006



Ten things I like that start with an I (as assigned by boz4pm), in random order.

1) Imagery (as in writing rich in images)

2) Italy

3) Individuality

4) Intelligence

5) Intensity

6) Interaction (with people)

7) Intricacy

8) Imports (as in, stuff imported from other countries)

9) Information

10) Ice-skating

Comment to get a letter. :)

Practice interviews are just around the corner... None of the places I am interviewing with is a place I would consider as a real employer, so I can safely butcher them. :)

This rotation I am not too fond of - it's OK, but it's not a good fit for me. I don't care for digging up obscure sources of information about drugs, I am more interested in talking to people and prefer a faster-paced environment. Oh well.

Oh, and I voted for the first time in my life today - previously, I was either too young, or too far from my country of citizenship, or not a citizen of the country I was in. Nice mixture of Democrat and Republicans in my votes today, in keeping with the best Nebraska tradition. :) I like our Senator Nelson (Dem) - I voted for him. I like our Governor Heineman (Rep) - I voted for him. And on all these "board of education", etc - it was a random guess, except one case - a wife of that guy is a patient of mine, and always very nice, so I voted for him...