November 16th, 2006


(no subject)

I am not so much angry as disappointed with wasted time and spoiled perfect run. I am getting a B- (might even be a C+, but she is "leaning" towards a B-) for Drug Information clerckship. Objectively, I do understand that I do not deserve any better, and I would be even harder on a student who did what I did (and she doesn't know how much time I spent hanging out on discussion boards while officially on rotation!). But still. It will not only be the lowest grade I have gotten in my postsecondary education, it will be the lowest grade I have gotten since 8th grade (when I had a bad year and had 4 Cs one quarter). And it's spoiling my perfect run... but I will always be able to explain it - personality clash and a series of misunderstandings that occurred during this rotation. I am just disappointed that the world is not perfect. Well, if that's the price for me getting out of the rotation in Peru (I have submitted a request to have it changed, though my school disapproves extensively of these changes) and getting a fellowship I want, let it be. Otherwise, I will have to really stretch myself... That simply means I should do my best at the ICU. Hopefully, it will be not as mind-bogglingly boring as this rotation.