December 15th, 2006


(no subject)

After the rotation, I went to the emergency room. Two reasons: the minor one is that I pulled muscles in my neck and left shoulder and they hurt only just a bit, I wanted to check them out. I have low pain perception and might miss something simply because I do not feel severe pain. I am just fine, btw. The major reason was that the other guy's insurance company representative, who called to tell me the claim number and adjustor's name and number was rude, and I do not tolerate rudeness. Therefore, I shall enjoy having them cough up a couple hundred dollars for my ER visit in addition to everything else. Pity I weren't bitchy enough to request a paper saying that I require a CT scan and a couple weeks massage therapy, then it would have a bill of a few thousand dollars for those suckers.

Otherwise, I am done with my rotations. Urgent project for today: review KE bylaws and e-mail the revisions back to the National President.