December 19th, 2006


Busy, busy, busy, and the world isn't cooperating!

Well, the other company accepted the liability for the accident, so I finally got the rental car (thanks to my boss who let me leave for over an hour during the busiest time so I could actually pick it up). It's a silver Volkswagen Jetta, very pretty but with far too many functions for my car-illiterate self. I will be driving very gingerly for the next few days... it will be a couple weeks before my own baby Nissan is repaired. I feel so bad for him, having to spend the holidays in the body shop... at least there are other cars there to keep him company, but still... (I always feel strongly about my cars, I am sure they feel things just like we do, they just cannot talk about them).

Anyways, I have a ton of things to do for today and not enough hands. Sorry, eowynunquendor, I am not getting to the post office for the next few days. That accident really threw off my schedule. Maybe Thursday, since I am going to the dentist, and his office is only a mile away from the post office.

A ton of e-mails to send and papers to write. It's nice to be involved in all the student organizations, it let me meet a lot of great people and put together a great CV but it's keeping me busy even during the last winter break of my life. Not to mention I am working full-time during the break (for money, for a change). I must be masochistic that way.