December 20th, 2006


(no subject)

There was some unpleasant aftertaste about today. A day that starts with pounding of the rain on the pipes cannot be good. Especially if you run out of tangerines halfway through the day... and even pleasant things do not quite bring joy.

On the good side, my car is NOT going to be totaled, the body shop just called to tell me that they got the go-ahead from the insurance company, and it is going to be about $7,500 ($3000 for the airbags alone). I am lucky the inner structures were mostly undamaged. And that it is a three-year-old car with almost $11,000 residual value... I always knew there were reasons I insisted on buying a new car back in 2004. I just hope it's not too icy tomorrow and I don't wreck the rental car on my way to the dentist. And then I have to go to work after dental appointment.

On another good note, one of my first-choice fellowships hasn't lost interest in me, and my letter of recommendation writers are apparently hard at work. I am hoping everything goes smoothly. I put 8 years of my life into getting here, I cannot let it all go to waste. 8 years in a place I do not like, doing what I do not enjoy, all for a shimmer of hope that I can get where I want to be...