December 23rd, 2006


Random ramblings

My feet aren't thanking me. I would like to see any sports star out there try and beat working 9.5 hours on my feet, in 2" heels, with only a half-hour break. It took 4 hours for my feet to stop hurting.  Everyone always compliments me on ability to work in heels, but I really miss my super-comfortable hot pink shoes.  Besides, I was always complimented on them wherever I went - I was surprised to learn that most women don't own a pair of pink shoes.  I have two pairs left, at one point I had four...

Still, I am making over $800 in these two weeks, that should console me. If I indeed don't have to pay for any interviews (well, first I have to be invited to any, of course), then I can very well afford a very nice vacation between graduating and doing whatever I will be doing next year. In addition to the trip to Taiwan in August (I am definitely taking time off for the post-congress tour, if I am spending 20+ hours in flight, I might as well enjoy all the sights).

I am not working tomorrow, so I need to set up and decorate my Christmas tree, decide what cake to bake and bake it, sort the photos, and resume cleaning out and organizing my desk. January is going to be crunch time and I need everything in order. I just realized that it will be the first year I won't be filling out FAFSA in years...  Also, I need to decide what to buy my dad for New Year's (since that's when Russians exchange gifts).  I am getting my mom a gift certificate for massage, and my mom & I got my dad a shiatsu seat cushion.  Now I need to figure out what else to give him...  Maybe a bottle of a good wine... 

lefali, thanks for the lovely card!  I just got it today!

Hellga's Christmas/New Year's Wish List:
1) Fellowship position with BMS, Ortho-McNeil or FDA.
2) A couple extra hours in a day or a time-turner.
3) Pink tourmaline jewelry (earrings).
4) Incredibly comfortable hot pink shoes like the ones I used to have and wore through.