December 30th, 2006


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A lot of people are doing a "year in review" this time of the year. I attempted three or four times and gave up. Overall, this year didn't quite get to the level of my favorite years like 2003 or 1998 or 1997, but it was still tons better than nightmarish 2004 and 2005. Due to holding a national office and going to all the conferences and rotation I am now able to approach and talk to anyone and able to live on my own. Otherwise, mostly same old, same old. 

On the bad side, I am worried like heck about getting my letters of recommendation from Indianapolis in time for the deadline... And my car is still in the body shop... they hoped to get it fixed yesterday, but I got a call at work that they couldn't get the wheels to align. I hate accidents. It's one more way that someone else is always paying my karmic bills... 

On the good side, I bought me a pair of pink sapphire earrings and a matching ring on half-off sale at Zales for $250 today because I couldn't find any pink tourmaline - I have seen only three or four pieces, and they were a) ugly design b) way out of my price range. So I think I am set for the New Year's.   I have all the other gifts already given and/or bought already too.

I wonder what my dream was about - when I kept walking across desert to the city in the distance, and the whole day and the night passed and it was still as far as when I set out, and I kept stepping over snakes laying across my path. Then I finally asked that someone please help me, that I am tired of steppin over snakes and not getting anywhere - and a huge white snake uncoiled an arm's length from me, and started going perpendicular to my path. The stranged thing, this snake (about 3-4 m long and very thick) was not moving as a snake should but going straight like an arrow. I started following it and within 15 minutes I was where I was going. The snake disappeared. What could that mean?

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends!  May all your dreams come true! С Новым Годом!