January 21st, 2007


(no subject)

My flight has been cancelled. I will now be leaving at 4:25pm and arriving at 10:10pm instead of leaving at 9:35am and arriving at 4pm. At least I called and checked in advance rather than go to the airport, so I am sitting in a nice warm house and not in the airport. Still, it's annoying and it's breaking my plans. At least, it provides me with one more example of "overcoming adversity" for my interviews... but God, I can't gather my thoughts together. The last thing I need now is to have my luggage lost... hopefully not. It's all just so frustrating, and my own brain being dysfunctional is just adding insult to injury. Not counting the fact that I could sleep in, but my adrenaline level is too high and I need to prepare, yet I am waisting time because I am too jittery.