January 26th, 2007


(no subject)

My half-dead body has returned home. Having a cold sucks. Having a cold and flying sucks doubly. My ears feel plugged (though my hearing is fine) and my nose is running like crazy, and my throat hurts, and I sound like an old crow.

I have received offers from both programs I interviewed with. One I expected, one I hoped for but wasn't sure I would get - though all my life I have been pretty confident, that once I get the interview, face-to-face I can charm the socks off anyone if I set such a goal. Now I feel:
a) nervous because I want to make the best decision for my future career, and I promised I will make it Monday
b) bad, because I feel like an evil double-crossing person for making both programs think I am going to choose them. Some people have love triangles, I have career triangles.

Speaking of love, I hereby confess my eternal love for Chicago O'Hare airport. It's the most thought-through airport I have been in (and I have now been in 24 airports around the world), and it has been very lucky for me. Every trip that I had with a change in ORD was very successful and/or pleasant. I shall miss it when I move to the East Coast.

Off to sleep and hope my cold improves tomorrow. I have an appointment for a facial set up, so I will lay there and relax and think about my decision.