January 31st, 2007


Reporting from Broken Bow

As I expected, my cell phone doesn't work here. However, everything else is great. The drive was good - there was some snow for about 50 miles between Lincoln and York but the other 170 miles were under sunny blue sky. The town is adorable. The coworkers seem very nice. I am living by myself in a six-bedroom house that used to belong to a millionaire in the 70s but he left it to the hospital he build when his wife died and he went to live in New York. The chicken noodle soup I had today had homemade noodles! The first homemade noodles I had in at least 12 years. And the library, where I now sit, has not only free wi-fi but also a real fireplace (by which I now sit) and a gorgeous grey-and-white green-eyed cat that is laying by my feet. I think I am one very happy person.