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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

Health concerns
My dad's CT scan yesterday showed a tumor in his left kidney. That's the same side where his cancer was. There are three possibilities:
- colon cancer metastases
* PRO: close proximity
large size of the original tumor
original tumor penetrated the intestinal wall
* CONTRA: colon cancer takes a long time to grow and nothing was seen on last year's CT
blood tests are all negative
- new cancer
* PRO: grandma, his mom, had a small cancer in her kidney that was only found in autopsy, never had any signs or symptoms
* CONTRA: it is not that common (though, unfortunately, possible) to have two different cancers in a non-immunosuppressent individual
- something benign like a cyst or a non-malignant neoplasm
* PRO: those guys can grow fast
* CONTRA: can never exclude their existance in anyone, you and me included

My mom didn't sound too worried when I spoke with her on the phone, that's good. My merciless memory starts throwing all kinds of facts at me, including "5-year survival with metastatic colon cancer is 5-12%"...

I knew everything was going too well to be true. When I was reading a book about Apache culture, I found an interesting passage about witches, specifically Geronimo being accused of being a witch because he stayed strong and healthy into old age while all his children died. That he took over their life force. I always get everything I want - and I can't help the feeling that those I love are footing the bill...