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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

(no subject)
OK, I am safe and sound back home. Yesterday, when I was packing and thinking how much I would have to deal with when I got home, I wanted to stay for a while longer. I am weird that way - even if a place is not up to my requirements, I find it hard to leave it - I get attached to places very fast. My mom is the same way. The people out there at the pharmacy were wonderful too, I should send them some kind of a gift...

Even though I have spent the last half-hour paying bills accumulated in the past four weeks and making all sorts of phone calls, and yesterday I have many more to think, my main thoughts are that I have been blessed to meet a lot of wonderful people. Almost everyone I have met has been so nice to me, much more than I deserved. I talk too much and often second guess myself post-factum, whether I should have shut up and whether my words might be offensive. Still, it's amazing that people put up with that and even like me.