March 3rd, 2007


Snow, snow all the way

The weather has been outright disgusting. It snowed and snowed on Thursday, the first full-blown blizzard since 1998. I am very glad I did not have to show up - my little car is not made for winter driving conditions. Some 13 inches fell, and I had to shovel that all, my back still being a bit sore from Sunday's snow. Then on Friday I had to go to rotation and then to college to help with the admissions. On the way there I got stuck on ice going up the hill and just couldn't move. A couple guys had to push me from behind to help me out. Then on the way home I got stuck again in a different spot, and backed down and took an alternate route home. Already a bit annoyed, imagine my distress when I found a pile of snow reaching up to my waist blocking my half of the driveway! I called my mom letting her know that a part of the way is impassable (she also drives a Nissan Sentra, just like mine, only 5 years older) and vented, then cleaned up the other half of the driveway (blocked only knee-high) and got in, then finished cleaning up the mess. I had more snow than I can stomach, but then I remembered about that town in upstate New York that got some 8 feet of snow and felt a bit better.

The admissions interviews are always fun. This year we had invited 185 people for 65 slots. All the candidates I had were good - unlike in the years before. I heard that before we used to invite just about everyone who applied, this year - only those who realistically have a chance. I am a fan of interviews myself - I am always sure that if I am invited in, I can charm the interviewers into taking me. I am not as convincing on paper as in person. Some people get so nervous, though... Perhaps I should have carried chocolated in my pocket to help them cheer up.