March 10th, 2007


Gem and Jewelry post

Jewelry is the best of all artforms. It's the one that can put me into a pure, hyperventilating state of bliss. Today I went to the Gem Show in Kansas City. Most of the stuff was the usual mass-produced cheap crap, but there was one tear-drop shaped citrine. It was beautifully, beautifully cut. I spent a few minutes admiring it, but I had to give it back - I just do not have $450 to drop on a gem that I would then need mounted into a necklace. It breaks my heart that there are master jewelers out there, who spend 99% of their time producing the "fashionable" in-demand crap, only every once in a while allowing themselves to follow the guidance of the stone and their own heart to produce a true masterpiece. When I am rich, I will set up a "jewelry budget" to help them (and, of course, buy something to treasure and love).

I ended up buying a red jasper set, very interesting design, plus a pair of very merry-looking earrings with a green stone of which I do not remember the name, and a pair of simple amethyst earrings (since I cannot afford to have my truly gorgeous ones mounted appropriately at this time). Oh, and hematite beads.

I have also bought an onyx mortar and pestle, since I will be a Doctor of Pharmacy very soon, and will want to display it in my office. Also, a winged pig - since this is a year of the Pig, and I was born in a year of the Pig. Add to that indulging in a nice portion of a tiramisu and wonderful, sunny, 70-degree weather, and you will get a very happy Anna. :)