March 29th, 2007


Some fundamental questions

1. I know how bags reproduce. How does one get rid of them? that's the question. (decifer: At every conference I go, I receive a bag. All kinds of bags - simple cloth bags, fancy laptop-like bags, etc.). WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM?

2. Why do I have extraordinarily hard time getting contact lenses out of my eyes?

3. Why do I keep craving fruit today and not even two pounds of strawberries topped with some pound of grapes were enough?

I got to visit the psych floor today. Unfortunately, no acutely psychotic patients (my favorite note from someone's history from a while back: "patient was convinced he was Jesus Christ and tried to walk on a lake") but there were several suicidal patients, a few bipolars, and a schizoaffective/refractory major depression. Interesting. Some of those people looked rather destitute, you could see something is wrong with them. Others - I would never have guessed. Interesting, and very touching experience. Almost makes me wish to volunteer in a psych facility, come and visit with them... It's just that I cannot understand depression. I cannot imagine not having energy to tackle a problem - my problem-solving strategy is to attack it head-on, no effort spared... if anything, I qualify as permanently hypomanic (though I am as normal as they come... so far).